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If you are an advanced or expert rider then Craigieburn is your holy grail.A warning to the uninitiated – you will not find any chairlifts, gondolas, grooming, snow-making, golf courses, day spas or fine dining here.Carl, who is 16, and his friends were caught behind the bike sheds smoking.The police think it may have been dope and want to question him. Carl must give his name, age and address to the police, if asked.The police must tell Carl: The police must explain Carl's rights to him in a way he can understand.

The emphasis will be on giving the family a chance to sort problems out. Beatrice, who is 15, has been charged with theft and has to appear before the Youth Court. If your child is aged 14 to 16 and is accused by the police of committing a crime, she can be brought before the Youth Court.

If police wish to conduct a strip search in circumstances that do not involve drugs or firearms, they must have a warrant or have made an arrest and had reasonable grounds to do so.

A same-sex officer should be present where possible.

While the mountain itself offers some of the easiest access advanced off piste skiing anywhere in the world, Craigieburn offers much more than a place to ski.

The cosy slopeside accommodation is the seasonal home to a community of snow addicts from all over the globe who collectively share their stories over dinner after a day on the hill.

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